Crew of The Unlost


Photo Cred: Michael Combs

Photo Cred: Michael Combs

Stephanie Michelle Lokelani Cullen - Producer, Writer, Director, Editor 

I make movies and rock the awesome.

Photo Cred: Colossal Cinematic Showcase

Photo Cred: Colossal Cinematic Showcase

Liam Tain - Cinematographer, Gaffer, Colorist

To know me is to love me.


Heather Horner - Lead Costume Designer



GiGi Huntley - Lead Hair and Makeup Designer



Joseph L Young - Composer



Tom Sanford - First Assistant Director & Production Coordinator



Jenny Abraham - Second Assistant Director & Key Production Assistant



Lee Vander Boegh - First Assistant Camera, Assistant Gaffer, Key Grip & Dolly Grip



Gene Eilebrecht - Second Assistant Camera, Best Boy Grip & Best Boy Dolly/Jib



Troy Kesner - Boom Operator



Doc Woolf - Assistant Sound Recording



Moira Hugues - Costume Assistant



Jessica French - Makeup Artist



Tony Huntley - Hair Prep


Lana Roberts - Assistant Props



Heather Hugues - Graphic Artist



Kristy Leigh Lussier - Craft Services


Katie Preston.jpg

Katie Preston - Pre-Production Assistant

Katie is an actress based out of Boise, Idaho. She also works behind the camera as a PA, assistant to casting, wardrobe and art department, as well as director and editor.


Darci Siren Balius - Pre-Production & Production Assistant



Adam Gris - Production Assistant


Kayla Marie Veronica - Production Assistant


Krystal Lake - Production Assistant


Megan Forristall - Production Assistant


Kirsten Strough - Production Assistant


Robert Walker - Production Assistant


Yvette Harper - Production Assistant, Behind-the-Scenes Photos/Footage & Social Media

Yvette "Harper" is an American actress known for Sounds of Silence (2017) and Netflix and Kill (2017). She recently won Best Actress (novice division) at Idaho's i48 Film Festival (2017). Once described as occasionally "gritty" and "rough around the edges," Harper has the ability to convey complex emotions and specializes in comedy, drama, action, military, voice overs, and instructional videos. Also, she is an emcee, Social Media Coordinator, and former Air Force EMT.


Bill French - Runner & Production Assistant


Melissa Sunshine - Extras Wrangler


Drake Balius - Behind-the-Scenes Photos


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