Cast of The Unlost

Photo Cred: Self

Photo Cred: Self

Erin Kay Westfall - Jenn

Erin Westfall is a Boise-based artist whose passions include dance, acting, and general artistic expressions of all kinds. Erin has a B.A. in Theatre Arts and is co-founder of Daisy's Madhouse, a non-profit theater company. She is an award-winning dancer and choreographer for both musical theater and fusion bellydance. Erin recently found a new creative outlet in directing, and has directed several short films in the last few years, having the opportunity to speak on a panel regarding women in film at the 2017 Boise Film Festival.

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Katie Preston - Madeline

Katie is an actress based out of Boise, Idaho. She also works behind the camera as a PA, assistant to casting, wardrobe and art department, as well as director and editor.


Allison Terenzio Ruiz - Mary



Kristy Leigh Lussier - Olivia



Kamryn Pew - Willow



Gene Eilebrecht - Jake


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Easton Lay - Brad

Easton Lay is an Idaho based actor with an affinity for sunscreen.


Melissa Sunshine - Eating Disorder



Kayla Marie Veronica - Cutter



Blake Balius - Split Personality



Doni Otremba - Workplace Oppression


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Ana Camacho - Debt

Anna Camacho is an up and coming actress with plenty of talent to share with the world. She has been acting since she was a young girl, from school plays to the marching band; you name it, she did it.

Her work includes several commercials with North by NorthWest Productions. She was featured in a music video by Poppa Joe with Hustle Hard Fulltime Records. She has had extensive training in film and television and continues to work on her skills. Not only does Anna have extensive training in acting but also has achieved her Associates Degree in Communication through the University of Phoenix.

She was also cast as the lead actress for the H48 film in which she also won an award for "Best Scream Queen 2011".

Anna hopes to win over Hollywood with her charm and excellent portrayal of characters.


Maiya Lundquist - Alcoholism



Yvette Harper - Black and White

Yvette "Harper" is an American actress known for Sounds of Silence (2017) and Netflix and Kill (2017). She recently won Best Actress (novice division) at Idaho's i48 Film Festival (2017). Once described as occasionally "gritty" and "rough around the edges," Harper has the ability to convey complex emotions and specializes in comedy, drama, action, military, voice overs, and instructional videos. Also, she is an emcee, Social Media Coordinator, and former Air Force EMT.


Maureen Hugues - Alzheimer's



Rhiannon G.L. Huntley - First Period



Asaysia - Sexual Abuse



Hailey K. Miller - Marionette Daughter/Never Perfect


Julie Keeton McConnel.jpg

Julie A. McConnell - Marionette Mother/Plastic Surgery


Photo Cred: Michael Combs

Photo Cred: Michael Combs


Stephanie Michelle Lokelani Cullen - Weight of the World

I make movies and rock the awesome


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