What the hell, America?

I have to talk about this.


(Below is a screenshot, not an actual video)


I’ve stared into that face. Throughout my childhood and my adulthood. Absolute contempt for our fellow persons. That look hurts and I have spent a good portion of my day crying about it between video edits of a PSA for the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights about how Idaho is too great for hate. I.AM.WORKING.FOR.FREE.TO.MAKE.THIS.SHIT.STOP.

(This event did not take place in Idaho.)

I can’t look at that kid’s face. It hurts deep in the depths of my soul. My own family members have looked at me with that contempt.

I grew up a white Hawaiian in Hawaii. When I moved to the Mainland, I was a brown girl with an accent. One of my teachers, in elementary school, told me that I needed to “get rid” of my accent because it made me sound STUPID. A teacher. Someone I was supposed to trust. That accent only comes out now when I’m excited, or angry. It’s fun when I recognize what I’m doing - depending on the situation I can laugh about it, or remind myself to tone down my anger.

I have faced racism on so many levels. I have faced hatred. There are people in my life who absolutely would rather I not exist. That’s the look I see on this kid’s face. That’s why this hurts so much. What the hell happened in our country? Nathan Phillips, the Elder that this kid is staring at is a respected member of our society and this nation. What happened, America? We are better than this.

That damn hat says it all.

I will keep working to make this country a place that we can all feel peace. A place that we can all feel love. If it is only the few of us that open our arms to those who are persecuted, so be it. There are so many of us who care, who love, and who want to heal. Keep fighting, my friends. This shit makes me want to stop and give up, but we can’t. We have to keep fighting for peace. We have to keep fighting for our respected Elders. We have to keep fighting for our futures. We have to keep fighting to wipe that smug look off all the damn bigots in this country.

I love you all.